Professional Trustee: What Is It and Should I Use One?

fiduciary, agent carefully reading business papers in officeIf you have created a trust, you have likely appointed yourself or someone close to you as your trustee. Many people do this, and there are advantages. However, there are situations in which it can be to your benefit to appoint a professional trustee in California to oversee your estate. At Keyes Law Group, our San Jose, CA, trust attorney will help you understand every matter in your trust, including what a professional trustee does and why you should have one.

What Is a Professional Trustee?

When it comes to managing a personal trust, a professional trustee can play a critical role. This trustee can be either an individual or an organization, commonly referred to as a “Fiduciary,” which is responsible for ensuring that the trust is managed effectively and that the interests of the beneficiaries are protected. It is important to note that the appointed professional trustee must not be a trust beneficiary, which ensures that they remain unbiased and impartial when making decisions regarding the trust.

When deciding how to find a professional trustee, you will want to look for a legal organization with experience in various areas. These include last wills and testaments, revocable trusts, power of attorney, and property transfers. A legal firm will have the experience, resources, and professional team to manage your trust effectively.

What Are the Duties of a Professional Trustee?

Professional trustees can have varying responsibilities, depending on the trust’s specifics and the beneficiaries’ needs. However, there are some fundamental duties that trustees are typically responsible for. The following are some general duties that a trustee is often required to perform in the course of their work:

Further, a professional trustee’s responsibilities could include resolving beneficiary disputes, overseeing various business interest, and communicating status with beneficiaries.

When Should You Use a Professional Trustee?

Many people often choose a close friend or family member to act as their trustee. However, there are several reasons why it is in your best interest to hire a trustee. These include:

If you are looking for a professional trustee in California, you need someone or an organization with both experience and compassion to handle your trust.

Choose the Right San Jose Trust Attorney

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